A unique type of insurance

There is a unique type of insurance available in Sweden for those suffering from adverse effects of pharmaceutical treatment. The Pharmaceutical Insurance covers everyone who has been treated with prescribed pharmaceutical products or pharmaceuticals purchased from a legitimate dealer in Sweden. It also extends to include patients who received their pharmaceuticals at a hospital or who are suffering adverse reactions or effects owing to participation in clinical trials covered by the insurance.

Presenting your case to the Pharmaceutical Insurer is the quickest and simplest way to receive compensation in the event of drug-related injury. There is also the option to take your case to court, but the burden of proof may be greater.

Information for patients

How is a drug-related injury evaluated?
How long does the process take?
Is it possible to appeal?
What is covered by the insurance?
Who provides this insurance?
Which injuries will the insurance indemnify?
What are the advantages of reporting to the insurer as compared to presenting a case in court?

Information for companies

Who are the shareholders?
Why become a shareholder?
How to become a shareholder.
Fees and Premium.
The Pharmaceutical insurance in Sweden.
Application form to become a shareholder in the insurance.